Friday, May 13, 2011

Update from Neen

And so ends another crazy, mad capped, fun filled week at Planet Cake.

This week was filled with a whole new set of challenges, as usual, and I couldn’t be happier.

Due to some EXTREME cakes being made by the senior decorators in the kitchen, it was left to us very capable interns to take care of the more standard orders of the week.

I was assigned two wedding cakes, one 2 tier square with roses and one 3 tier round also with roses as well as a huge oblong christening cake for a set of twins .

The two tier square presented the challenge of having a specific type of rose requested to top the cake. I had never made a Delilah Rose before but was very happy with the final product.

Cake number 3 was a three tier round topped with sugar roses and featured gradient shades of the same colour through each tier to match the invitation colours. That was challenge enough let alone trying to shimmer the whole cake successfully without streaking it or making it look dusty. It took quite some time to get it to a point that I was happy with but, in the end, and after much experimenting, it ended up being a success.

Amongst all of this, I managed to fit in a Biz Whiz class with Paris on Friday and learned so much more about getting my business off the ground when I finally return home for good at the end of August.

So, as I sit here recovering from the past 5 frantic days, I nervously anticipate the week ahead as it is rumoured to be one of the biggest yet.

I do, however, feel more prepared than ever for whatever lies in wait for me around the corner of the sacred Planet Cake doors. Only time will tell if I am kidding myself or not! Wish me luck and, until next time, stay happy.

Neen x

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