Friday, March 4, 2011

And so ends week one...

And so ends week one with the amazing team at Planet Cake. My feet are sore and I'm so tired I could drop, yet I absolutely can't wait to do it all again! Perhaps it's all the sugar giving me the energy?

After a 4am flight and several delays, including airline traffic and car rental issues *sigh* I was at last on my way to PC. I guess I hadn't counted on the logistical issues I now faced (no GPS aaaaaaargh), and as a stranger to Sydney, surprise, surprise I found myself on the completely opposite side of the city from where I was meant to be. Luckily the rising panic which was threatening to overtake dissapated instantly (only to be taken over my nervous excitement) the second the famous Planet Cake awning came into view.

After stalking Planet Cake for the past two years and dreaming of one day being able to attend a class, I was here to learn from the best of the best for en entire six months! The smiling Lesley greeted me at the door before leading me in to meet the rest of the team and Paris, all the while, me hoping I didn't look like too much of a goose in front of my idol! Paris has been the woman I have looked up to and aspired to be from the time I started my own cake decorating business eighteen months ago, and to meet her was literally like a dream come true.

Paris lived up to expectations and was everything I had expected and more, kind, grounded, welcoming yet strong, astute and firm in her goals, beliefs and expectations of the team. A true success and the epitome of success. The entire process of the internship was explained to me and Paris let me know what she wanted each of us to get out of it in the following months. Getting. Seriously. Excited.

Now, for those of you who think my job is all washing dishes and making coffee, think again! The first thing I was asked to do was cover a 9'' square cake for a christening cake, up to Planet Cake standards. Okay, packing it a little now. With some gentle help from Emma and Danielle I think the end result was pretty good, although I certainly don't feel as though I'm at my full potential at this stage. But baby steps I suppose.

Over the following four days I had the opportunity to assist in the decorating of another five beautiful cakes ranging from weddings to birthdays, learning so much more than I ever could have expected. Even after late nights (these guys really put in the hours to deliver these cakes) and one very messy ganache affair, still I couldn't wait to get back in there each morning to suck up as many tips and techniques and tid-bits of info as I could. I feel a little like a sponge!

So, yes I was nervous (understatement) am still feeling completely out of my league and occasionally have a minor freak-out when I'm assigned something foreign to me, but little by little and with the help of the amazing crew here, I am finding my feet and can only envision myself improving with every day that passes here in the crazy world of Planet Cake.

See you all next week!

Neen xx


  1. Oooh, just divine! But one question honey, what happened to that stud Adam?

  2. Lucky you! I hope you have the best time and learn lots!

  3. Welcome to Sydney! Looking forward to sharing your incredible journey!